Thomas Markworth
Thomas Markworth - President of the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V.

General Music Director Markus L. Frank, Directors Johannes Weigand, Gerhard Kämpfe and Dr. Jürgen Schebera (f.l.t.r.)

Kurt Weill Festival Dessau

Dear friends of the Kurt Weill Festival,

We once again warmly invite you to Dessau-Roßlau, Wörlitz, Wittenberg, Halle and Magdeburg for the Kurt Weill Festival, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Encouraged by the Kurt Weill Foundation from New York, the first weekend of festival events took place in 1993. Thanks to our many outstanding artists, fantastic audiences as well as long-term supporters and many cooperation partners, the current Kurt Weill Festival is able to offer 60 concerts, events and exhibitions spread over 17 days. Under this year's motto "Luther, Weill & Mendelssohn", we are spotlighting 500 years of world and cultural history. We wish to highlight the fact that, while the message of social transformation was born within the church as the social nucleus of the pre-modern era, the Reformation did not remain a purely clerical movement. We will take a closer look at the Enlightenment, specifically through the philosopher and thinker Moses Mendelssohn, born in Dessau in 1729. It is to people like him that we owe the development of our humane civil society, which all of us must strive to preserve. Until today his words are still highly relevant, and can point us on the right path: "From the various systems of the wise, I have always chosen those which could make me both happier and better. A philosophy that makes be suspicious of other men or indifferent to my own well-being, which closes my heart to what is good and beautiful, is not my philosophy. I am delighted by every religious custom that does not lead to intolerance and inhumanity." In its wide cultural ambit, the Kurt Weill Festival 2017 will celebrate the spirit evident in the work and life of Kurt Weill, a spirit with its roots in the region of Anhalt. Luther, Weill & Mendelssohn remind us that the nurturing of our spiritual and social values is a never-ending task. We hope that the upcoming Kurt Weill Festival will spark your interest and whet your appetite. This year's programme will be particularly shaped by the residency of the MDR Symphony Orchestra and the MDR Radio Chorus. We look forward to greeting you in person to the 25th Kurt Weill Festival!

Thomas Markworth
President of the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V.

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