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Kurt Weill and the Media
Award-Verdict of the Open Call for Soundworks

First: Thanks to all the contributors and the very different pieces that reached us! It was astonishing that (despite the short period after publishing and the end of the open radio call) some artists dealed with composed material by Kurt Weill.
The Jury (Julia Nickel/Weill-Fest GmbH; Daniela Tschorn/Weill-Fest-Guest; Alexander Hirche/Weill-Fest-Technician; Ralf Wendt/Radioartist-&-producer; Georg Wellbrock/Weill-FM) had chosen different favourites under the dozend submissions. To tell you the truth: it was not easy to raise two of them above the rest and remit each 50€ award.

Peter Andersohns work Youkali united the most votes. Beside a charming modernisation of a Kurt-Weill theme (that some of the jurors honored) his submission is a contemporary piece itself and emphasize the actual influences of break-beat in the versatiled music-universum.
In Thomas Kusitzkys piece Bethlehem Mix No. 7 the listener follows an own athmospheric harmonie thats starts with turning on the radio. The sound that appears collides with the expectations of the listeners and leads them through various acoustic fields.

In the following a list of the artists and their pieces which all got broadcasted on WeillFM on 9th March 2014:

• Friederike Jäger – CprWthLv (2:51)
• Ketevan Scheipner – esem ikem (5:01)
• Michael Woody – Numbers Stations (9:15)
• Nathalia Grotenhuis - Go forward (13:12)
• Niklas Meier - transistor radio schematic (5:56)
• Peter Andersohn – Youkali (3:49)
• Radio Picnic - "THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER - The decision book – 50 models for strategic thinking" (21:29)
• Sabine Sellig – Ansagenhaft! (6:38)
• Thomas Kusitzky - Bethlehem Mix 7 (6:25)
• Toni Dimitrov - Hotel Evropa (27:49)

It has been great fun to listen to the pieces that reached us and we wish all the contributors and sound-art-activists further fine recordings and brilliant ideas!


Georg Wellbrock:

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