Katja Riemann
Katja Riemann
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Edgar Hilsenrath mit Katja Riemann
Edgar Hilsenrath with Katja Riemann in Montabaur, September 2018
© Freundeskreis Edgar Hilsenrath e.V.

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau
Anhaltisches Theater Dessau
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Programme 2019


Tuesday | 05.03.2019

8 p.m., Concert in the
Anhaltisches Theater Dessau

The Story of
the Last Thought

Katja Riemann’s literary-musical encounter with
Edgar Hilsenrath and Kurt Weill

Recitation and concept: Katja Riemann
Piano: Guillaume de Chassy
Visuals: Paula Riemann

Katja Riemann is one of the most successful actresses of her generation. Her festival programme focuses not only on Kurt Weill but also the important German-Jewish writer, Edgar Hilsenrath. Born in 1926 and raised in Halle (Saale), Hilsenrath fled to Romania in 1938, was later deported to a ghetto, and, following his liberation, lived both in Palestine and New York. Since 1975 he has once again made his home in Germany. While works such as Night or The Nazi and the Barber recount the terrors of the ghetto, The Story of the Last Thought deals with the Armenian genocide. According to Katja Riemann: “The genocide of the Armenians is still not admitted by the Turkish political class. It was the first genocide of the 20th century, one which became a template for the Nazis. When we speak of genocide, the topic is always the Holocaust. Weill and Hilsenrath, both sons of Jewish mothers, left Germany just in time.”

Describing her programme, Katja Riemann writes: “Although they lived in New York at the same time, Weill and Hilsenrath never met. We finally bring them together on this evening, and I think they would have enjoyed each other’s company. The show interweaves the diverse artistic genres of literature, film and drama. The music of Weill, be it classical or film score, German Lied or song, will be improvised by the French jazz pianist Guillaume de Chassy to fit the narrative on stage and on film dealing with the cruelty and absurdity of despotism, the abuse of power and corruption, hauntingly told by a great German storyteller who is still alive and whom we should honour as long as we can.”

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