Schön ist’s im Labyrinth
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WEDNESDAY | 28.02.2018

8:30 p.m., Film in the Kiez Kino Dessau

Schön ist's im Labyrinth (1991)
George Grosz in Amerika
In German language without English subtitles

Screenplay & direction: Norbert Bunge and
Christine Fischer-Defoy
Music: Andi Brauer

Among the various great German artists who emigrated to the USA after 1933, there are only a few who did not regard the country as a "waiting room" until the end of Hitler's dictatorship, but actually as their new home. These included the composer Kurt Weill and the artist George Grosz.

The documentary follows Grosz's life and work in the USA and presents extracts from his correspondence, read by Heino Ferch.

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