Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh in front of his plane the "Spirit of St. Louis"
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Altes Theater Dessau
Altes Theater Dessau
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Programme 2019


Wednesday | 26.03.2019

8 p.m., Film screening in the foyer of the
Alte Theater Dessau

Lindbergh speaks
with his plane

Weill’s piece for radio Der Lindberghflug in a
television production by La Sept (Arte France)

Introduction: Dr. Jürgen Schebera

In 1927 Charles Lindbergh completed the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic in a 33-hour flight. Shortly afterwards, Weill began work on a piece for radio about this daring adventure.

In 1992 the La Sept (Arte France) produced an opulent TV production, which will now be screened for the first time in Dessau. The scenery, faithfully reproduced in all details, the contemporary film material and not least Weill's music make this a real must-see event.

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