Dagmar Manzel
Johannes Bigge and Judith Hermann
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Dagmar Manzel
Johannes Bigge and Judith Hermann
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The evening’s gastronomic service will be provided by the Ringhotel "Zum Stein"
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Historic Eichenkranz
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Programme 2019


Thursday | 07.03.2019

7.30 p.m., Dinner with music in the
Eichenkranz Wörlitz

The Golden Twenties
A musical-culinary evening

Duo Klangzeit
Vocals: Judith Hermann
Piano: Johannes Bigge

Don’t look for a quick snack when you enter “Zum Eichenkranz”, the former restaurant of Prince Leopold Friedrich Franz, for a stylish dinner event at the Kurt Weill Festival. Culinary specialities from of the 1920s will be accompanied by hit songs from the era of shellac. The repertoire of Duo Klangzeit ranges from Kurt Weill and Marlene Dietrich to the timeless melodies of the Comedian Harmonists. Singer Judith Hermann and pianist Johannes Bigge will transport you back to this musical universe, today often viewed as a “golden” era, though thankfully without the crackling and hissing of the old records.
Audiences at their many concerts have been enchanted by the natural charisma and brilliant musicianship of these two artists, who both studied at the “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” College of Music and Theatre in Leipzig.

This dinner event at the Kurt Weill Festival continues a long tradition that can be traced back to the foundation of the “Eichenkranz” at the gates of the famous Wörlitz Park. As in those long gone days, culinary and cultural pleasures are enjoyed together: Stimulating music, genteel conversation and delicious food and drink are combined in a way that echoes the philosophizing salons of the Age of Enlightenment, which in turn were inspired by similar colloquia in Ancient Greece. We know from many notes and remarks that Kurt Weill and his friends also greatly appreciated sparkling and serious conversation around the dinner table!

again on 06.03.2019 - V12

Cat. 1   70 €
incl. Menue and


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