Peter Bruns
Martin Albrecht and Rebecca Mauch
© Gabriele Schilgen

Peter Bruns
Rebecca Mauch, Martin Albrecht and Dirik Schilgen
© Gabriele Schilgen

Bauhaus Dessau
Bauhaus Dessau
© R&B

Programme 2019


Friday | 08.03.2019

10 p.m., Concert at the
Bauhaus Dessau, Room 2.22

The Bauhaus Matrix
Part two of the series “Hearing anew through seeing”

Music by Erik Satie, Alexander N. Skrjabin, Paul Hindemith, Igor Strawinsky und Stefan Wolpe
Clarinets, electronic music, composition:
Martin Albrecht
Piano, composition: Daniel Prandl
Piano: Asli Kilic
Double bass: Rebecca Mauch
Percussion: Dirik Schilgen
Lighting design: Reinhard Geller

Experience this concert with all your senses! Under the title Bauhaus Matrix, Martin Albrecht has conceived an interdisciplinary and innovative programme that explores the interstices between time, space, light and music.

The principles and ideas of the Bauhaus school are translated into a modern vocabulary while drawing inspiration from the works of Paul Klee, László Moholy-Nagy, Igor Stravinsky, Paul Hindemith, Kurt Weill and J. S. Bach.

Part one of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 02.03.2019 - V06Part two of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 08.03.2019 - V20Part three of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 09.03.2019 - V25Part four of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 15.03.2019 - V37

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These ticket is for two Parts of the series "Hearing anew through seeing"


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