Annika Boos
Annika Boos
© Tobias Daemgen

Tobias Daemgen
Tobias Daemgen
© RaumZeitPiraten

Bauhaus Dessau
Bauhaus Dessau, Wohnheim
© Archiv Bauhaus Dessau

Programme 2019


Saturday | 09.03.2019

10 p.m., Concert in the
Bauhaus Dessau

Bauhaus in Light
Part three of the series “Hearing anew through seeing”

Vocals: Annika Boos
Lighting design: Tobias Daemgen

The group RaumZeitPiraten from Mülheim an der Ruhr experiments in a playful way with various combinations of sound, images, objects, space and time. The three artists are engaged on a “mutually expanding multimedia-performance-surround-spaceship-laboratory journey between science and fiction.” Their intermedial expeditions have taken the group to such renowned festivals as Luminale Frankfurt, the Davos Light Congress, Ars Electronica Linz, Signal in Prague as well as the Media Art Festival in Rome, where in 2017 they added another prize to their considerable collection.

For the Kurt Weill Festival, this artists’ collective is collaborating with soprano Annika Boos, already familiar to audiences of the Anhaltisches Theater.

Part one of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 02.03.2019 - V06 Part two of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 08.03.2019 - V20 Part three of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 09.03.2019 - V25 Part four of the series “Hearing anew through seeing” 15.03.2019 - V37

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