Scene shot "The Threepenny Opera"
© Claudia Heysel | ATD

Scene shot "The Threepenny Opera"
© Claudia Heysel | ATD

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau
© Claudia Heysel | ATD

Programme 2019


Sunday | 10.03.2019

5 p.m., Musical theatre in the
Anhaltisches Theater Dessau

The Threepenny Opera
Return production of the Kurt Weill Festival 2018

Music by Kurt Weill
Text von Bertolt Brecht

Production and design: Ezio Toffolutti
Musical direction: GMD Markus L. Frank
Guests and ensemble of the
Anhaltisches Theatre
Anhaltische Philharmonic Orchestra

If the aim of the last year's Kurt Weill Festival is to bring "Weill on stage!", then one essential work, the composer's most successful Broadway musical is of course The Threepenny Opera. In Europe regarded as the epitome of Weill's work for the stage, in the New World some of the Threepenny songs enjoy a similar level of popularity as the evergreens which the composer wrote in American exile.

As a true "classic", The Threepenny Opera offers fresh artistic challenges to each new generation. For this reason alone, any new production will always be a thrilling event. And when a director such as Ezio Toffolutti takes on this epochal work, we are ensured a veritable highlight of this year's Kurt Weill Festival! Born in Venice in 1944, Toffolutti studied painting and stage design before moving to East Berlin to take up a position at the famed Volksbühne theatre. His collaboration with directors such as Benno Besson, Harry Kupfer and Katharina Thalbach opened the doors to numerous major theatrical and opera stages as well as internationally renowned festivals. Since 1983, the award-winning artist has also assumed the director's mantle.

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