Peter Bruns
Prof. Peter Bruns
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Kleine Brauhausstraße in Halle (Saale), links die alte hallische Synagoge, Blick aus südlicher Richtung.
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Synagoge Halle
Synagoge Halle
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Programme 2018


SUNDAY | 04.03.2018

2:00 p.m., Concert in the
synagogue of Halle

On the pathway to faith
Part two of a musical expedition
through Saxony-Anhalt

Music by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Jewish cantor: Chansan Jalda Rebling
Violin: Sayako Kusaka
Cello: Peter Bruns
Pianor: Annegret Kuttner

For most of us, our earliest sensations become firmly anchored in our memories. With regard to music, this means that the sounds of our childhood resonate in our inner ear until our dying day. Felix Mendelssohn also gained his first musical experiences as a youngster before he began composing at the age of eleven. At his death in 1847, he left behind an oeuvre that bears comparison with the life's work of other wunderkind composers. For this reason, Robert Schumann once called the one-year older Mendelssohn the "Mozart of the nineteenth century".

As part of the series "A Musical Expedition", this concert in the synagogue of Gröbzig will explore, among other things, those early musical experiences which helped shape Mendelssohn's compositions. Born in Hamburg in 1809, Mendelssohn's talents were nurtured from an early age: his mother introduced him to the piano, his grandmother on his mother's side brought him into contact with Protestant church music, and a grand aunt (herself a celebrated harpsichordist) made him familiar with both the Jewish and Christian music traditions. These fundamental influences on Mendelssohn's compositions can be clearly heard at this concert.

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