Muriel Leonie Graf, Jana Rahma und Swetlana Saam
Muriel Leonie Graf, Jana Rahma and Swetlana Saam
© Klaus W. Schmidt

Swetlana Saam
Swetlana Saam
© Klaus W. Schmidt

MDR-Landesfunkhaus Magdeburg
© Andreas Lander

Programme 2019


Friday | 15.03.2019

7.30 p.m., Concert in the
MDR-Landesfunkhaus Sachsen-Anhalt of Magdeburg

LaLa – Ein Hurenabend
A stage show about the women in Kurt Weill’s music

Music by Kurt Weill
Vocals: Muriel Leonie Graf, Jana Rahma,
Swetlana Saam and Marcus Schinkel
Stage direction & piano: Michael Barfuß
Scenery and costumes: Daniela Hohenberger

“Impertinent, ballsy and fierce” was the title of one newspaper’s enthusiastic review of “LaLa – Ein Hurenabend”. Borrowing songs from Kurt Weill’s masterpieces and his Broadway hits such as One Touch of Venus, Michael Barfuß has composed an entertaining evening that’s provocative, captivating and brittly funny. Here wit and melancholy are close bedfellows.

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