Alexander Gurfinkel
Alexander Gurfinkel
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Daniel Gurfinkel
Daniel Gurfinkel
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Marienkirche dessau
Marienkriche Dessau
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Programme 2019


Friday | 15.03.2019

7.30 p.m., Concert in the
Marienkirche Dessau

Brilliant teamwork

Music by Niccolò Paganini, Francis Poulenc, George Gershwin as well as Klezmer
Duo Gurfinkel
Clarinet: Alexander and Daniel Gurfinkel

The twins Alexander and Daniel Gurfinkel are the third generation of a family of clarinetists who seem to have a burning passion for this instrument printed in their genes. In this exclusive programme in the Marienkirche, they make clear why they’ve been showered with praise by the world’s critics.

Duo Gurfinkel will display their dazzling virtuosity in arrangements of Rossini to Gershwin as well as original compositions for two clarinets by Poulenc and Povolotsky and, of course, klezmer and folk.

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