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Programme 2019


Saturday | 16.03.2019

2 p.m., Concert in the
Werkshalle of Vetter Möbelbau GmbH

Design & Designed Music
Part three of our musical expedition through classical modernism

Clarinet: Robert Oberaigner
Piano: Annegret Kuttner
Cello: Peter Bruns
Violin: N.N.

“Design” is a term that is rather difficult to define precisely. Art differs from design mainly because the latter is oriented towards a specific purpose and function. Nevertheless, artistic intuition is essential for “good” or “effective” design. It is not mere functionality that determines whether a car becomes a cult object rather than simply a means of transportation. Design not only aims to combine form and function in the most practical way possible, but also to appeal aesthetically. Ideally, a make of car will become a familiar symbol for many people – such as the VW Beetle or the Trabi, both of which are characterized by an outdated design. And what about music? Is a mathematically ingenious, perfectly constructed piece of music, such as by Johann Sebastian Bach or Philip Glass, “well designed”? Or does music lack the core functionality of design? What about the diverse forms of utilitarian or commercial music, from military marches to dance music to contemporary genres such as advertising jingles?

The concert, held in the production hall of a factory whose products depend on good design, intends to explore such questions and playfully examine the role of modernism in design.

1. Part again on 02.03.2019 - V03
2. Part again on 09.03.2019 - V21 2. Part again on 10.03.2019 - V28
3. Part again on 16.03.2019 - V39 3. Part again on 17.03.2019 - V47

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