Meisterhaus Moholy-Nagy
Meisterhaus Moholy-Nagy
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Meisterhaus Moholy-Nagy
Meisterhaus Moholy-Nagy
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Programme 2019


Saturday | 16.03.2019

3 p.m., Concert in the
Meisterhaus Moholy-Nagy

Meisterhaus residence
Unheard and unseen in the houses of the masters

Members of the International Ensemble Modern Academy

A successful project of the Bauhaus Foundation continues to offer young artists and musicians the chance to interrogate the cultural heritage of great role models. The buildings known as the Meisterhäuser will once again become the location for creative work aimed at exploring the ideas of Bauhaus. On two previous occasions the members of the International Ensemble Modern Academy have demonstrated the musicality of the Moholy-Nagy Meisterhaus.

It is a special honour for the festival to once again occupy a Bauhaus residence. Join us when unfamiliar and innovative sounds, together with performance elements, once again fill the Meisterhaus.

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