Daniel Roth and Marius Staible
Daniel Roth and Marius Staible
© Daniel Roth

Philipp Melanchthon Kirche Dessau
Philipp Melanchthon Kirche Dessau
© Evangelische Kirchengemeinde

Programme 2019


Saturday | 16.03.2019

3 p.m., Concert in the
Philipp Melanchthon Kirche Dessau

Duo con:trust
Virtuoso accordion skills

Music by Igor Strawinsky, Kurt Weill,
Samuel Barber and Marius Staible

Duo con:trust
Accordion: Daniel Roth and Marius Staible

Forget the seaman’s squeezebox: The accordion is recognized as a classical instrument, whose melancholic and witty sides were explored in sophisticated music long before the ascendancy of Astor Piazzolla.

Daniel Roth and Marius Staible, both accordion students in Weimar, play arrangements of songs by “local hero” Kurt Weill and works by J. S. Bach, Igor Stravinsky and Samuel Barber as well as an own composition by Staible.

An unusual concert that opens up an entirely fresh sonic horizon.

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