Joseph Moog
Joseph Moog
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Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau
Anhaltische Philharmonic Orchestra
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In diesem Licht erstrahlt das DB Werk nur zum Kurt Weill Fest Dessau. Leider ist diese spektakuläre Spielstätte kein Geheimtipp mehr. Sichern Sie sich frühzeitig Ihre Karten.
© Sebastian Gündel

Programme 2019


Saturday | 16.03.2019

8 p.m., Concert in the
DB-Werk in Dessau

Trains Bound for Glory
A new era of fire and steel

Aaron Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man
Kurt Weill:
Trains Bound for Glory,
Suite from “Railroads on Parade”, newly arranged by David Drew
Gustav Holst:
Excerpts from “The Planets”
Alexander N. Scriabin:
Prométhée: Le Poème du feu

Piano: Joseph Moog
Conductor: Markus L. Frank
Lighting design: Guido Petzold
Opera chorus of the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau
Anhaltische Philharmonic Orchestra Dessau

A new beginning full of optimism and energy! The colonization of the “Wild West” by white settlers would have been inconceivable without the “iron horse”, i.e. the steam locomotive. Even today, the meeting of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railroads in Utah on 10 May 1869 is a significant date in American history: The famous golden spike completed the first railway line to cross the entire continent.

70 years later, Kurt Weill wrote Railroads on Parade to celebrate the new locomotives and modern Pullman cars exhibited at the World’s Fair in New York. Trains Bound for Glory, arranged by David Drew, brings together popular numbers exploring the railroad and its influence on daily life that Weill added in 1940 for a new production of the show. And now, 150 years after the seminal event in Utah, the Kurt Weill Festival is bringing a concert revolving around the topic of discovery to the DB-Werk in Dessau.

Progress and disaster: The implications of Prometheus’s actions for mankind are reflected in the ambivalent myth of the railway powered by the power of fire. With his symphonic poem Prométhée: Le Poème du feu, Alexander N. Scriabin created an experimental work that uses coloured light to intensify the music, thereby creating a mystical-religious atmosphere. Joseph Moog, one of today’s most exciting young pianists, will perform this highly challenging piece.

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