Peter Bruns
Prof. Peter Bruns
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Francisceum Zerbst
© Robert Unger

Francisceum Zerbst
© Robert Unger

Programme 2018


SATURDAY | 24.02.2018

2:00 p.m., Concert in Francisceum Zerbst

On the Road to Education
Part one of a musical expedition
through Saxony-Anhalt

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Robert Schumann,
Max Bruch, Julius Klengel, Ernest Bloch and
Kurt Weill

Students of the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig under the direction of Prof. Peter Bruns

Education is the key to understanding other cultures while providing the opportunity to enter into dialogue with them. Founded at the beginning of the 16th century, the Francisceum in Zerbst is not only one of the most ancient grammar schools in Saxony-Anhalt, but also one that attempts to retain its education traditions while developing modern teaching methods. Clearly, this is an ideal location to take a playful and musical look at the topic of "Education".

In the first concert of the three-part series "A Musical Expedition", the cello class of Prof. Peter Bruns will provide a lively illustration of the development of classical music: From simple scales to works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann and Max Bruch, the journey takes us up to compositions from the time of Kurt Weill. On this musical trip the audience can enjoy diverse ensembles ranging from trio to a group of twelve cellists.

The variable programme reflects the conceptual design of the event as a sound installation encompassing the entire concert hall.

1. Part again on 24.02.2018 - V04 1. Part again on 25.02.2018 - V09
2. Part again on 03.03.2018 - V24 2. Part again on 04.03.2018 - V32
3. Part again on 10.03.2018 - V40 3. Part again on 11.03.2018 - V47

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Cat. 1 18 € 15 €
U27-Ticket 9 €
Bus shuttle 14 €
Combined Ticket
€ 39 (reduced € 30)

These ticket is for all three Parts of the series "A Musical Expedition through Saxony-Anhalt"
Part 1 V04, V09
Part 2 V24, V32
Part 3 V40, V47


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