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Anja Schiffel
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Bauhaus Dessau
Bauhaus Dessau
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Programme 2017


Saturday, 11 March 2017

7.30 p.m., Musical reading in the
Bauhaus Dessau

Freedom of Thought
Third part of a journey through time and music exploring the history of Saxony-Anhalt

Music by Alexander von Zemlinsky,
Igor Strawinsky, Anton von Webern,
Erwin Schulhoff
and Kurt Weill

Recitation: Anja Schiffel Text: Lars-Thade Ulrichs
Sayako Kusaka Clarinet: Robert Oberaigner
Peter Bruns Piano: Jacques Ammon

There is no doubt that, in his own eyes as well as in the perception of his contemporaries, Kurt Weill was a modern artist. The final part of this journey through time and music tells of Weill's social-critical ideas. For him, society meant nothing without the sanctity of the individual. And so he initially subscribed to Brecht's notion of an "epic theatre". Many of his works from the Mahagonny-Songspiel to The Threepenny Opera to the Broadway musicals are full of hope for a new and free society. This evening's programme offers the memorable The Soldier's Tale by Igor Stravinsky, seldom heard works by the unjustly forgotten composer Erwin Schulhoff and, of course, Kurt Weill.

These were all groundbreaking composers, whose music still challenges many concertgoers. The musicians of Leipzig's College of Music will prove at this concert the value of listening to unknown sounds with open ears. Lars-Thade Ulrich's texts will show how Hegel's dictum that "Music reflects the spirit of the age through notes" is a perfect reflection of reality. The abandonment of the traditional tonal systems at the beginning of the 20th century heralded the fracturing of society.

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