Stimmorchester Hannover
Stimmorchester Hannover
© Jo Titze

Stimmorchester Hannover
Stimmorchester Hannover
© Jo Titze

Marienkirche Dessau
Marienkirche Dessau
© Sebastian Gündel

Programme 2019


Saturday | 02.03.2019

7 p.m., Concert in the
Marienkirche Dessau

Stimmorchester Hannover

Improvisations on Kurt Weill

Vocals: Achim Rust, Anja Ritterbusch,
Britta Rex
, Claudia Burghard,
Friedemann Petter
, Karin Grabein,
Lara Lübbe
, Linus Kasten,
Viktor Vysotski
, Martin Jordan

You need instruments to make music? Far from it! Ten passionate musicians from Hanover’s jazz and pop scene show how it’s done using that most basic ‘instrument’ of all: the human voice. Without any score, they spontaneously create sonic works of art through free improvisation in which they experiment with sounds, rhythms and noises.
In Dessau they will give free rein to their creative spirit by improvising on melodies by Kurt Weill.

The audiences can enjoy a vocal orchestra of transient beauty in this truly unique concert experience!

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Cat. 2 16 € 12 €
U27-Ticket 9 €


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