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Melton Tuba Quartet
© Jörg Chmilewski

Melton Tuba Quartett
Melton Tuba Quartet
© Jörg Chmilewski

Bauhaus Dessau
Bauhaus Dessau, Atelier
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Programme 2018


SATURDAY | 24.02.2018

10:00 p.m., Concert at the Bauhaus Dessau

Melton Tuba Quartett
From classical music to jazz

Melton Tuba Quartett
Hartmut Müller, Heiko Triebener
Jörg Wachsmuth
and Ulli Haas

The Melton Tuba Quartet describe themselves as the "one and only professionally cheeky tuba quartet in Germany". The group's outstanding reputation is founded on the consummate musicianship of all four members.

Other secrets of their success are certainly the eclectic mix of their programmes, which merges classical music and jazz from the likes of Rossini, Liszt, Mussorgsky, Armstrong and Hahn, as well as the charming stage presentation.

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