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Jüdische Gemeinde zu Dessau K.d.ö.R.
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Programme 2018


SUNDAY | 25.02.2018

11:00 a.m., Get-together at Dessau synagogue

Visiting the
Jewish Community in Dessau

Our earliest sensations become deeply rooted in our memory so that the sounds of childhood come to echo down through our lives. This axiom, which applies to everyone, is especially true of a highly talented musician such as Kurt Weill. The musical impressions he obtained as a young boy were largely shaped by his experiences in Dessau's synagogue, and especially by his father Albert Weill, the cantor of the Jewish community.
For many years the Kurt Weill Society, together with the Jewish community, has fostered open dialogue at a time when cultural barriers are going up. Visitors to this event can look forward to a stimulating morning of musical and culinary delights as well as an introduction into Jewish life and culture. You are cordially invited!

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