Nora Gomringer
Nora Gomringer
© Judith Kinitz

Günter Baby Sommer
Günter Baby Sommer
© Peter Rytz

Foyer in the Bauhaus Dessau
© Archiv Stiftung Bauhaus

Programme 2019


Sunday | 03.03.2019

3 p.m., Literature and music in the
Bauhaus Dessau

Betrommeltes Sprachvergnügen
The literary side of Bauhaus

Texts and recitation: Nora Gomringer
Percussion: Günter „Baby“ Sommer

The letters of the alphabet begin to dance when poet and language artist Nora Gomringer embarks on a journey of discovery through modernist literature together with drummer and percussionist Günter “Baby” Sommer.

Nora Gomringer and Günter “Baby” Sommer murmer, hiss, sing, bash, scratch and scrape selected texts and manifestos of the literary avant-garde while luxuriating in the pure joy of language.

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