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2020 - Vladimir Korneev

Vladimir Korneev
Vladimir Korneev
© CN Baumgartl

Georgian-born Vladimir Korneev and his parents fled Georgia for Germany when he was seven years old. Over the following 12 years he completed his education as a pianist and his secondary education in Augsburg, before starting his acting and vocal studies at the State University of Theatre and Music „Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding“ in Munich. In 2012 he obtained his diploma with distinction.
Vladimir Korneev performs as an actor in movies /television and as a classical chanson singer. He made his debut on television in 2014, performing alongside Matthias Brandt and Sandra Hüller in the Grimme-Preis (one of Germany ́s most prestigious movie awards) nominated production “POLIZEIRUF 110: MORGENGRAUEN”. He acted alongside Tom Schilling in “AUF KURZE DISTANZ” and Roland Zehrfeld in “DENGLER”, among other projects. Vladimir played the lead in ARD ́s feature film “EINE SOMMERLIEBE ZU DRITT”. This year Vladimir performed in his theatrical movie premiere “KUNDSCHAFTER DES FRIEDENS“ together with Henry Hübchen, Michael Gwisdek and Thomas Thieme, in a leading role in the Swiss episode “KRIEGSSPLITTER” of the popular police procedural show „TATORT“ and filmed as the main episode character for the crime series STRALSUND "KEIN WEG ZURÜCK".
As a Chanson singer Vladimir Korneev has been an award winner three times in succession at the Bundeswettbewerb Gesang Berlin Chanson (German national classic singing competition, category “chanson”, held in Berlin). He also won the international Andrej Popov chanson competition “THE SINGING MASK“ in Saint Petersburg. The core motifs of Vladimir Korneev ́s recitals are love and longing. His repertoire is mainly in French and Russian but also includes english and german translations of chansons. Since many years the concert pianist and conductor Liviu Petcu is Vladimir’ s accompanist on the piano.
In May 2014 Korneev released his first chanson album “WEITERGEHN” in cooperation with “BR KLASSIK” (Bavarian broadcasting service: BR CLASSICS ). 2016 he released his second album „ЯÉCITAL“, which is the live recording of his premiere concert „LIEDÉЯ“ at the high renowned german chanson theatre Bar Jeder Vernunft in Berlin. Vladimir just finished recording his third chanson album „ЯOMÁNCE“, a cooperation with the WDR Funkhausorchester (the radio orchestra of the West German broadcasting corporation), which planed release will be in early 2018. Liviu Petcu arranged the chansons and conducted the recordings.
Vladimir Korneev also works as a lecturer in vocal studies and chanson at the State University of Theatre and Music in Munich since the start of summer term 2015.


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