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12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic
Kurt Weill Festival 2005

Giora Feidman
Kurt Weill Festival 2000

Wayne Marshall
Kurt Weill Festival 2005


The Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. has made it its business to preserve the memory of Kurt Weill in his hometown in every suitable way.

Over the past years, it has evolved into an international association whose members come from four different continents, among them renowned scientists, artists, politicians as well as economic experts. The Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. runs the Kurt-Weill-Centre and organises the Kurt Weill Festival on a yearly basis. In the range of science, the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. contributes to the international research on Kurt Weill by organising symposiums, giving lectures and publishing its own series. The Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. is located in the former Feininger master house which now houses the Kurt-Weill-Centre.

The Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. is a non-profit, registered society. Its work is regarded as culturally valuable and has been approved as being eligible for sponsorship. Therefore, donations and membership fees are tax-deductible.

If you are interested in supporting and actively shaping the work of the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. then you are heartily invited to join our society.

Would you like to support the work of the
Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V.?
Simply apply for membership today:

Membership fee
(per year)
40,00 €
Membership fee (per year)
Married couples
60,00 €
Membership fee reduced (per year)
Students, people with severe physical disabilities, retirees

20,00 €
Membership fee (per year)
Person under 25 year
12,00 €
Membership fee for legal entities:
(per year)
120,00 €
Lifetime Membership
Single person
800,00 €
Lifetime Membership
Married couples
1.200,00 €

Benefiz of
As a member of the
Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V.
you can secure yourself
tickets for the festival
even before the opening
of ticket sales
to the public.

Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V.
Ebertallee 63
D-06846 Dessau-Rosslau

Tel.: +49 340 - 619595
Fax: +49 340 - 611907

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