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Exhibition „Kurt Weill and seine Zeitgenossen fotografiert von Eric Schaal“
Kurt Weill Festival 2007

Exhibition Ira Marom
Kurt Weill Festival 2004

Exhibition Mac Zimmermann
Kurt Weill Festival 2004


Every year, the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. organises the international Kurt Weill Festival Dessau, which always takes place in close proximity to Weill’s birthday on 2 March.
Furthermore, small concerts of chamber music take place at the studio-room at the Kurt-Weill-Centre/ Feiniger’s master house throughout the year.
In addition to these activities, the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V. participates in the conception and realisation of exhibitions which take place during the Kurt Weill Festival and also feature exhibits that are owned by the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft e.V.
Below is a list of exhibitions that were organized over the past years and partly realised in cooperation with the city of Dessau-Rosslau, the Anhalt Art Society e.V., the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation or other partners:

1996 „Lyonel Feininger“

„Big City Architecture New York“


„Scenes of the Big City. Graphic Art from the 1920s taken
from the Dr. Gruber collection“
„About the Early Days of Radio Broadcasting in Germany“
„Happy End without End“


„Kurt Weill – Commitment to His Time“
„Russian Porcelain 1895 – 1935“


„Kurt Weill – Commitment to His Time“
„Exhibition with works by Kurt Schwitters“

2001 „A.M. Rodtschenko and W.F. Stepanova“
2003 „Paintings by Joachim Kühn“
2004 „Traces of Life – an installation by Ira Marom“
2004 „Paintings by Mac Zimmermann“
2006 „ Hella Guth: 10 woodcuts based on songs
of the Threepenny Opera (1932) “
2006 „Weill & Brecht“
2007 „ Kurt Weill and his contemporaries
photographed by Eric Schaal “
2008 „ Einar Schleef: collection of pictures
on The Threepenny Opera “
2009 “Caspar Neher: Sketches for Stage Works by Weill“
2010 „Hagen Klennert: way of the cross“
2011 „The suspicious saxophone“
2011 „My Golden Twenties“

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